This skill can only be used by Awakened characters and the character must be capable of Astral Perception. A character with Aura Reading is particularly good at reading astral signatures, the auras of living beings show their general health, emotional and magical nature. Enchanted items can be read to discover their magical nature as well. This information may be a vague impression of a persons emotional state or allow them to diagnose diseases in a living being. All magic that is cast leaves a signature behind, a character with aura reading can pick up on those signatures and try to figure out what types of spells have been cast in an area. They can also recognize signatures and if they have read a magicians signature can then tell later if they come across an area where that magician has cast spells. They could also read bonded items like Foci and be able to match them to their owners signature.

In addition to reading astral signatures from magic or foci, those with aura reading are able to hone their Astral Perception even further. By reading the fluxuations in a person's spiritual aura, the nature of any diseases they might suffer from can be revealed, what kind of magically awakened person they are (instead of just seeing if they are awakened or not), how much essence the person has left, the precise location of any cybernetics in their body, their magical power or what magic actually created a particular astral signature.