Bone lacing is a process in which the cellular structure of the subject’s bones is augmented with lattice chains of reinforced plastics or metals to improve the bones integrity and tensile strength. Meaning that bones reinforced this way cannot be broken near as easily as regular human bones, though enough deliberate force can still break them, the force required depending on which material of lacing is used. Bone lacing comes in three types, Plastic, Aluminum and Titanium each being stronger than the last. Bone lacing also makes one hit harder with their physical blows. Weight is added to a character by the materials used for lacing, 5kg for plastic, 10kg for aluminum, 15kg for titanium.


Essence cost: 0.8

Nuyen Cost: 7500¥

Legality: Permit or Illegal


Essence cost: 1.9

Nuyen Cost: 25 000¥

Legality: Permit or Very Illegal


Essence cost: 3.75

Nuyen Cost: 75 000¥

Legality: Very Illegal