Cyber replacement of normal eyes offers 20/20 vision and almost always involves both eyes as mismatched pairs would send imbalanced signals to the brain. These implants may look like normal eyes or they may be of outlandish design and colour. Cybereyes will accept additional vision enhancements of up to 1 Essence cost without the character loosing further essence. So for example one could get a cyber replacement eye with the enhancements of Retinal clock (0.2 Essence), Image link (0.3 Essence), and thermographic vision (0.3 Essence), and would only have to pay the initial 0.3 Essence that the cyber replacement itself costs. They also come with cleaning kits wearers must use regularly. Metahumans with natural vision enhancements like low light vision lose this bonus if they get cybernetic replacements for their eyes but can have such features installed in the cybereye itself.

As with cyberears characters can also have surgical modification to implant individual enhancements into ones natural eye without replacing it, this means paying individual essence costs for each enhancement.

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