Classification: Basic

Bio Index: 1

Nuyen Cost: 40 000¥

Legality: Illegal

A chemical gland is a sac lined with specialized and genetically tailored cells designed to produce a single naturally occurring compound. The compound is stored in the sac and can be deployed in one of four ways. To prevent accidental injury from the internalized chemical, the character is also partially immunized against it.

Examples of compounds a sac could be designed to produce include arsenic, venom, toxins from insects or spiders, ink, royal jelly, insulin, slime, or some mild acids. Ask an admin if you want to use anything else.

The gland can produce 1 dose per 24 hours and can hold 5 doses.

A glad can be designed to deploy in only one of the four following ways

Exhalation Spray

Implanted in the neck above the larynx the glad is triggered by a learned reflex such as deep inhalation followed by a strong exhale, releasing the compound like an aerosol.


Also implanted in the neck when this glad is contracted it expels the compound through the mouth

Internal Release

This gland to release measured doses of the compound into the user's bloodstream thus serving as a biological auto-injector. this version can be implanted anywhere in the body.

Weapon Reservoir

Implanted next to a cyber-implant weapon, this gland is used to coat weapons when they are retracted, thus can be used to poison coat things like retractable hand blades.