Category: Communication headware

Essence cost: 0.5

Nuyen Cost:

Low power: 5 000¥
Medum power: 25 000¥
High Power: 50 000¥

Legality: Legal


Low&Medium power: Short range
High Power: Long Range

A commlink acts like an internal scanner, it receives radio frequencies and can scan through a range of frequencies to find active signals to listen in on. Commlinks can monitor a number of radio or telephone frequencies low power 2 frequencies, medium 10 frequencies, high 20 frequencies. If a signal is encrypted then the appropriate decryption method would need to be used in order to understand it.

By itself a Commlink is not capable of broadcasting anything however if combined with a radio or phone implant those can be used to broadcast, it could also allow that person to hold a conference call inside their head by monitoring several frequencies at once. If being used with a phone implant the reception is voice only unless the user also as an image link implant, in which case they can receive video calls. An Image link would also make it possible to have a visual report on the frequencies their monitoring displayed in their field of vision.

The Commlink can be impanted as a package deal at the same time as an internal radio or telephone. In that case the essence cost of the commlink is halved to 0.25