Classification: Internal Headware

Essence cost: 0.3

Nuyen Cost: 1 000¥

Legality: Legal

Datajacks are the universal mark of a cyber-user. Standard datajacks allow input and output to certain cyberware and gear. Datajacks allow the user to cybernetically interface with gear like cyberdecks, remote control decks and vehicles with datajack ports.

One can access headware memory with a datajack and contents of softs can be downloaded into headware memory through a jack. Knowsofts require a knowsoft link to function with a datajack and datasofts require a display or image link to function. Data fed into a datajack (from a cyberdeck, tridlinked cybercam, vehicle and so on) can in turn be fed into a display link, image link or headware memory.

Deckers usually implant datajacks in their temple to access higher brain function, while riggers usually have them behind and below the ears for the lower brain. It’s possible for characters to have more than one datajack installed.