Category: Bodyware

Essence cost: 0.2

Nuyen Cost: 3000¥

Legality: Legal

This small storage space replaces the last joint of a finger. It is ideal for concealing small items like datachips. It can also be used to conceal a datajack or it could even have a needle installed with a built in drug injector, though it can only hold one dose and it takes two minutes to replace the dose. Lock picks could also be installed for locks that still have key tumblers, this is an automatic system that is mechanical and comes with a micro-expert system which only requires you to put your finger to the lock and it picks the lock for you. Some say monofilament whips are handy to install in a fingertip compartment, though these are highly hazardous the user, as one is just as likely to cut off their own limb as do damage to the intended target.

Additional cost items:

Datajack: Add 1000¥

Needle: Add 800¥

ExpertLock picks: Add 18 000¥