Richard Villiers


Boston, UCAS

Seattle Division Head

Samantha Villiers

Novatech is the second largest corporation in the UCAS. Their main production involves cyberdecks, in which they are very successful in, but they also dabble prosperously in computer hardware, peripherals, and devices geared toward businesses and individual consumers, such as pocket secretaries.

In SeattleEdit

Novatech managed to hold its ground in Seattle and hang on to the former Fuchi compound in Downtown, but not a whole lot else. The corporation is doing a lot of restructuring, as they like to call it, which means careers made and broken every day and high stakes for anyone involved. Novatech is hungry to build a formidable rep, and they have no problem with hiring as many shadowrunners as it takes to get them to that point.

Novatech Seattle is an important division because it is the gateway to the Pacific Rim and Asia. Samantha Villiers runs the division skillfully and should not be taken lightly.