• Classification: Cultured Bioware

Bio Index: 1

Nuyen Cost: 60 000¥

Legality: Permit or Very Illegal

The pain editor is a cluster of specialized nervous tissue designed to filter sensory stimuli. Activation and deactivation is a learned reflex for the user. When the editor is triggered the individual no longer feels any pain, they can not be rendered unconscious by mental damage or fatigue.

Pain editors can be very dangerous for a character because they will not feel themselves being injured. They could be stabbed or shot and have no idea they are bleeding out until they either notice the blood or fall over dead. All tactile sensation is dulled by the pain editor making it difficult for a character to feel anything by touch while the editor is active. The moment the pain editor is turned off all sensation instantly returns.

Pain editors will work against the effects of simulated pain spells like Agony, it is useless however against the Nerve Strike of an Adept.