Category: Bodyware

A simrig is an implant that makes sinsense recordings, either baseline or full-X. Output from the simrig can go to headware memory, channelled through a datajack or transmitted through a Simlink. A simdeck or cyberdeck is needed for someone else to play back the recording. A simrig also allows the user to play simsense recordings without the need for a simdeck. These are usually used by performers who create simsense programs.

Baseline Simrig

Essence cost: 3.3

Nuyen Cost: 300 000¥

Legality: Legal

Baseline simrigs are capable of creating sensory recordings of everything the user is doing. If someone is to play back this recording they would feel and see everything that the person with the simrig did, this does not however record emotions, only tactile sensations. Baseline recordings take up 1Mp per second.

Full-X Simrig

Essence Cost: 3.3

Nuyen Cost: 500 000¥

Legality: Legal

Just like a Baseline Simrig however a Full-X is capable of recording emotions as well as senses. Anyone playing back one of the recordings would experiance everything just as the original person did. Full-X recordings require 3Mp per second.


Essence Cost: 1

Nuyen Cost: 120 000¥

Legality: Legal

Simlinks are an add on for Simrigs that are able to transmit a recording to a receiver. The receiver can be hooked up to a simlink recorder or directly to a simdeck. This could allow someone to experience what the user is doing in real time. The cost of the simlink includes the entire transmitter implant, as well as the external receiver and recorder package. The range on the transmition is short range regardless of the rating of the Simlink so the receiver must be in the same section of the sim as the person with the simlink, either Redmond or Downtown.