Category: Bodyware

Essence cost: 1

Nuyen Cost: 40 000¥

Legality: Legal

Skillwires are neuro-muscular controllers which allow the recipient’s neurosystem to interface with specially designed optical ships known as activesofts. Skillwires are able to read these chips as if they were recorded memories and gives the user access to skills they have not actually learned. One cannot enhance skills they already know by using skillwires. While the skillwires are active they override anything the user already knows and instead use the skill stored in the activesoft chip. Any skills accessed using a skillwire system are considered of average competence level. So say if you used a activesoft programed with a martial art, you will be competent with the skill, but not as good as someone who has put years of training into learning it naturally. A chipjack must be implanted separately in order to load activesoft chips so that they may be used with Skillwires. Only one skill can be loaded at a time, however the chips can be switched out in order to switch skills.