Classification: Basic Bioware

Bio Index: 0.7

Nuyen Cost: 20 000¥

Legality: Legal

By altering an individuals sweat glands specially designed pheromones are released by a character with this augmentation. These pheromones disperse into the are around the character and subtly influence others. In calm air the pheromones extend about 15 to 20 meters. Those effected by the pheromones are likely to perceive the character in a more positive light but the pheromones are not powerful enough to force anyone to do things they don't want to do. It can't make someone who hates a character suddenly be their best friend, but it can make them more open to talking to the character rather then killing them. The pheromones are broad spectrum not just sex-oriented and so work regardless of gender. They are species specific so will have no effect on non-humanoid creatures. Metatypes are all similar enough to be effected equally.