Vision magnification comes in two types, optical (which is required for any magicians who want this enhancemrnt) and electronic (which would render a magician completely unable to cast magic if they had them) Each type come in 5, 10 and 15 times magnification versions with their own associated costs.

Optical cybereyes use lenses within the eye to create magnification. Because this type of magnification is just enhancing ones vision without replacing it with electronics magicians can get this type of modification to their eyes in order to be able to cast spells at a further distance though of course they would still suffer the loss of drain points due to the essence cost associated with implanting the modification.

Essence cost: 0.3

Legality: Legal

5x magnification is 2 500¥

10x magnification is 4 000¥

15x magnification is 6 000¥

Electronic cybereyes as the name implies use electronic means of magnification.

Essence Cost : 0.2

Legality: Legal

5x magnification is 3 500¥

10x magnification is 7 500¥

15x magnification is 11 000¥