Category: Bodyware

Essence cost: 0.3

Nuyen Cost: 45 000¥

Legality: Legal

This Cyberware is rather popular with entertainers and includes a variety of optional modifications to the user’s vocal organs. A voice modulator must be installed first, and then any of the following modifications are added to it.

Increased Volume

Nuyen cost: 10 000¥

Essence cost : None

Commonly used by stage performers this makes the user into a loudspeaker.

Tonal Shift

Nuyen Cost: 25 000¥

Essence Cost: None

Singers often use tonal shift for perfect bird calls, or other tones normal human vocal chords are not capable of making. It can also be used for voice impressions, though while the impression may be good enough for the stage, it is not designed to be good enough to fool a vocal pattern recognizer.


Nuyen cost: 40 000¥

Essence Cost: 0.3

This almost perfectly reproduces any audio recording. This recording can come from headware memory or input through a datajack. It turns the user into a glorified speaker and cannot use the recorded voice for any purpose except to mimic exactly what was said.

Secondary Pattern

Nuyen Cost:

Low Quality 30 000¥
Medium Quality: 130 000¥
High Quality: 230 000¥

Essence Cost: 0.3

Legality: Illegal

This illegal modification allows the user to upload (from headware memory or a datajack) a second vocal pattern and reproduce it almost perfectly. In other words the user is able to speak in another person’s voice. The higher the quality the better the vocal pattern recognizer it can fool.